Screw your wagglin I'm a play with some balls


So I stumbled accross this concept of an xbox 360 controller with a trackball in lieu of a right thumb stick. I was skeptical at first but after watching it perform in action I honestly feel that this could be a substantial improvement to the traditional controller.

It works in the same way that a mouse works to aim. An immediate action of pointing and shooting. I was curious to how a trackball compared to a mouse on the pc scene as well and it looks to be just as comparable.

I've always been partial to the keyboard and mouse. I even play my pc games on my couch with my laptop hooked up to my television using a keyboard and mouse. There is some thing left to be desired about this combination and it has everything to do with the keyboard. Sure you have a million more buttons on a keyboard then you do on a gampad but most of those buttons are out of reach from the WASD keys. When I'm in a heated battle in dragon age origins I'm not reaching over to the 9 key to reach that one skill I want to use. NO that's what the pause function is for.

When playing Alice madness returns I find myself unable to block and dodge with the same ease with a keyboard then I am with a gamepad. Playing Bayonetta would probably be an ordeal of great frustration and curse words using a keyboard.

Playing on my couch would also be much more comfortable as it's difficult to just sprawl out on the couch having to move a mouse around while deciding how sitting with a slab of keys on my lap is most comfortable.

I do see one big downside to the configuration of the track ball. It's a chocking hazard for young children and would have to remain locked in the controller some how if Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo (yeah right) would ever have a hope in releasing a console with such a controller.

This all seems to be quite a moot point considering every one is jumping on the motion control bandwagon which I have decidedly jumped off of. Not with out a few cuts and bruises mind you. I'll forever miss the Legend of Zelda series for instance.

What do you all think? Would any of you like to see a track ball controller that isn't $119 plus $40 shipping