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Clarion's Mirage: an Android-based car stereo good enough for automakers

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Car stereo maker Clarion is unveiling a 6.5-inch touchscreen head device called the Mirage in Malaysia. The Mirage is the first OEM grade car stereo to run Android.

clarion mirage
clarion mirage

Car stereo manufacturer Clarion is launching its new 6.5-inch touchscreen Mirage head unit, and on top of offering the standard audio / video playback and navigation features we've come to expect, the device runs Android 2.2. While the Mirage offers standard Bluetooth, SD, and USB connectivity for media playback, the "in-vehicle infotainment system" (as Clarion likes to call it) also lets you run a variety of Android apps — from maps and GPS to Angry Birds and Facebook.

Clarion's Mirage is the first OEM-grade car stereo to run Android, meaning that it's passed all the necessary international quality and safety standards for sale to car manufacturers. The company is working on producing trial units for Southeast Asian automakers including Proton, Nissan Malaysia, and Nissan Thailand (as well as some unnamed Russian automakers), and is set to begin production within the next two months. There aren't any plans to bring Mirage to other markets yet, but considering Android's relentless proliferation, it seems like it's just a matter of time.