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'Nokia TV' Windows Phone app rumored for Lumia handsets

New, 55 comments is claiming to have leaked screenshots of an unannounced Windows Phone 7 app called Nokia TV. The app would presumable allow Lumia phone users to stream TV from local stations over Wi-Fi or cellular data.

nokiatv claims to the have leaked screenshots of an unannounced Windows Phone 7 app called "Nokia TV." The app, which would be a likely candidate for the company's Lumia line, will apparently allow users to search content archives from various local networks, stream shows over Wi-Fi or cellular data, download shows for offline viewing, and possibly stream live TV. While the app's existence is unconfirmed, the alleged screenshots do resemble some of Nokia's other Windows Phone 7 apps. Specifically, Nokia TV's background resembles the abstract design also seen in the recently announced Nokia Reading.

Rumor has it that the app will launch first in Finland, with three local stations providing content: YLE, MTV3, and Nelopen. There's no specific release date for the app, nor any information on whether it will be localized for other regions. Nokia TV would join the wealth of Windows Phone 7 apps that Espoo have been developing for its Lumia line, including the previously mentioned Nokia Reading, Music, Play, Creative Studio, and various transportation apps. Nokia has already made it clear that it's aiming for Windows Phone customization both on the hardware and software side, so there's every reason to think this is real. Whether a self-branded TV app would move the sales needle, though, remains to be seen.