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Turn the page: the book on the making of Flipboard

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Craig Mod has written an essay about Flipboard for iPhone, a book he made chronicling the creative process behind the creation of the original Flipboard app.

Craig Mod's Flipboard for iPhone book cover
Craig Mod's Flipboard for iPhone book cover

Craig Mod is a writer and designer who was one of the team members behind the original Flipboard app for the iPhone. In an essay on his blog, he takes a look at Flipboard for iPhone, a physical book he helped put together that documents the creation of the app. Starting with the first code repository commit message, the book spans almost 10,000 other such code changes, covers hundreds of design iterations, and ends in photos from the team's launch party. The book is a decidedly physical means of cataloguing the process of digital creativity, and if you're interested in the artistic process in any of its forms, Mod's thoughtful essay is most certainly worth exploring.