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Asus Transformer Prime update reaching devices: UI tweaks, app updates, and a refreshed content portal

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Asus's Transformer Prime is receiving the software update promised earlier this week that brings a number of new features, though one promised update is conspicuous in its absence.

Gallery Photo: Eee Pad Transformer Prime ICS update photos
Gallery Photo: Eee Pad Transformer Prime ICS update photos

As promised earlier this week, Asus' Transformer Prime has started to receive an update which addresses many complaints and suggestions the company received from owners. Although this isn't a jump to 4.0.4, the update offers plenty of UI tweaks and application improvements, which should keep users happy. These include the ability to manage notifications from your lock screen, an update to the Vibe content portal and player that offers a new UI and more services, and improvements to the HDMI output of the tablet. It's also now possible to lock the notification bar whilst in an app, preventing a stray finger press causing you to leave your game, and there's support for USB Ethernet adapters and Ad-Hoc networking too.

One promised feature which apparently hasn't made the cut is Face Unlock — although it was mentioned by Asus Italy in its announcement a few days ago, users are reporting that it's nowhere to be found. There's been no comment on the absence by Asus, but with the limited security offered by the feature, we wonder if Asus is working on a way to improve it — perhaps adding blink detection?