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Android store competition is real: Amazon Appstore hits v2.3

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Amazon's Appstore has just been updated to version 2.3. The update brings maximum download filesize increases and a bug fix for update notifications.

Amazon App Store
Amazon App Store

The Amazon Appstore just passed the one year milestone earlier this month, and now the online shop is reaching another one with its upgrade to version 2.3. The update raises the filesize cap on APK application bundles from 20MB to 50MB — a welcome increase that matches what's available from Google's own Play store. Unlike Play, however, Amazon's Appstore doesn't support secondary downloads, which bring the actual maximum Play download size to a much higher 4GB.

Also in the update, a longstanding complaint has been resolved — app update notifications were popping up even when they were disabled by the user and the new version fixes the problem. Sure, the Amazon Appstore still has far fewer apps than Play, the vast majority of its content is games, and it's still only available in the States. That said, the frequent sales and free apps of the day definitely make it worth checking out, if you're not doing that already.