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Nokia revives Windows Phone update tracker, but only for Lumia 800

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Nokia has launched a new site detailing the availability of software updates for the Lumia 800, offering some explanation of why some handsets have received the latest version and others haven't.

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Microsoft might have abandoned the Where's My Phone Update? service, but following a major update earlier this month, Nokia has launched a similar offering for users of the Lumia 800. Nokia's new page breaks down the availability of updates by country, carrier, and product code, allowing owners to see what the hold-up is in pushing the latest software to their handset. Besides providing availability information, Nokia's also using the site to publish changelogs explaining what the update will bring to your phone, as well as a number of other FAQs.

While this is bound to provide reassurance for impatient Lumia fans, it does also highlight the sheer number of different variants of the same device that Nokia has to support worldwide. It also shows the role that carriers play in pushing an application update — two networks might offer exactly the same phone, and while one has made the update available to its customers, Nokia is waiting on approval from the other.