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Sony Mobile releases Android 4.0 beta for Xperia Play

Sony Mobile releases Android 4.0 beta for Xperia Play


Sony Developer World has announced a beta download of Android 4.0 for the Xperia Play, the first handset in Sony's second wave of Android updates.

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Sony Developer World has announced it's continuing its Android 4.0 rollout with a new beta release for the gaming-centric Xperia Play device. All of the usual caveats apply — Sony says only to install it if you're an "advanced developer," and Google apps (Gmail, Google Maps, Face Unlock) and Wi-Fi won't be available if you take the plunge. Also, since you need to unlock your phone to do the install, owners of the CDMA R800x version of the Play (Verizon customers, this means you) will have some extra hoops to jump through if they want to try out the new OS before the official release.

Sony gained some goodwill with users when it announced it was planning to bring Android 4.0 to all of its 2011 smartphones, and after seeing the first batch of betas hit the streets in February, we've had our eyes glued to the release schedule waiting for the second wave to come out. If only all phone makers were this aggressive in pushing out updates (we're looking at you, LG).