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Spotify's Facebook Timeline chronicles over 1,000 years of music

Spotify's Facebook Timeline chronicles over 1,000 years of music


Spotify has used Facebook's Timeline for Pages feature in an innovative way, highlighting musical milestones over the last 1,000 years.

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Spotify has added a number of events from the last 1,000 years to its Facebook profile, using Timeline to tell not only the story of the company, but also highlight major milestones in the history of music. Starting from 1001AD with experiments into two-part harmony by music theorists of the Christian church, the new Timeline tracks the evolution of music through the centuries, from Bach, to Beethoven, to Britney.

The list is exhaustive, with a number of widely unheard-of musicians included that are bound to please music historians everywhere. Each entry includes a link to Spotify, encouraging you to discover music that you might not otherwise have found. It also marks the rise of technology in music, from the first recording made using a phonautograph in 1857 to the iPod's launch back in 2002.

It's another innovative use of the Timeline feature, and the first time we've seen it used as an educational tool. Spotify says that it plans to add a lot more events in the coming weeks, and calls on users to point out the dates that it has missed out.