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'Smoked by Windows Phone' becomes 'the Lumia Challenge' on the streets of London

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Nokia has taken to the streets of London, challenging smartphone owners to a race against the Lumia 800.

lumia challenge
lumia challenge

In our MWC interview with Stephen Elop, the Nokia CEO told us he's a huge fan of Microsoft's "Smoked by Windows Phone" marketing campaign, so it's no surprise to see his company now recreating it with something it calls "the Lumia Challenge." The premise is basically the same: a few Nokia reps have taken to the streets of London challenging random users of other smartphones to a race against the Lumia 800. Unlike Microsoft's generous offer of a whole Windows laptop for any lucky winners, Nokia's taken the budget option and offered up only £10 to anyone able to outpace the Lumia. There aren't any winners in the video posted to Nokia's YouTube account, but the participants did at least get a £50 voucher to go toward the purchase of a new Lumia phone. Isn't that nice?

Nokia tells us that this follows in the footsteps of similar campaigns conducted over in the US, where "the consumer reaction has been amazing." No stats are being shared with us yet, but evidently the task of engaging a wider audience for Windows Phone is going well.