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    HDD prices could drop by 10 percent at the end of April

    HDD prices could drop by 10 percent at the end of April


    Industry sources have suggested that hard disk prices could fall by 10 percent at the end of next month, the first sign of recovery from manufacturers since the Thai flooding disaster last October.

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    Hard disk drive prices are expected to fall by around 10 percent this time next month, according to industry sources speaking to DigiTimes. The price of HDDs has been abnormally high following widespread flooding in Thailand last October, which caused a severe shortage in supply as production lines were destroyed by water damage. Western Digital's factories were directly affected, causing its prices to rise by 47 percent, and a number of suppliers to Seagate were also hit as its CEO Steve Luczo described back in November.

    While a return to the pricing of a year ago is unlikely due to rising costs of production, it's still comforting to hear that supply is predicted to pre-flood levels of around 175 million units per quarter by Q3 this year. However, this contradicts earlier reports that Seagate expects supply to remain well below demand for the rest of 2012 as its suppliers struggle to recover.