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iPad tantrum: why kids are so glued to their gadgets

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Dave Pell explains the difficulty of removing an iPad from a five-year-old's grasp, while lamenting that it might just be his fault.

ipad screen
ipad screen

While smartphones and tablets occupy a good chunk of our waking lives, for most of us they're still relatively new — we didn't grow up with an iPhone in hand. But that's not the case for kids growing up today. It's something that Dave Pell noticed when he started having trouble getting his five-year-old to put down an iPad, until he realized that his son is likely just emulating his behavior. "My son was born around the time of the original iPhone," he explains. "So I've been asking him to 'just give me a second' for his whole life." But Pell is still hopeful, explaining that as parents deal with these kinds of issues, they might just realize the problems with their own behavior. Be sure to hit the source link below for his full thoughts.