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AlarmTalk for iOS wakes you with the weather and your appointments for $1.99

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The AlarmTalk app for iOS can wake you up with information about the weather and whatever appointments you have for the day.

AlarmTalk iOS
AlarmTalk iOS

Your iPhone already comes with a built-in alarm clock, but if you like to be notified about appointments first thing in the morning and you're a fan of robot voices, you might want to give AlarmTalk a look. The alarm functionality is actually pretty basic — you can only have one alarm at a time, and you'll need to turn it back on each time you want it to go off — but the difference is in the information AlarmTalk wakes you up with. Instead of an annoying buzzer, a computerized voice will greet you with the day's weather, as well as any appointments you might have listed in the Calendar app.

You can also customize the greeting and sign off to whatever you like, though that's about it for customization. Considering there's already a solid alarm clock built in to your iOS device, we were hoping for a few more options for AlarmTalk's $1.99 price tag — alternate voices, different clock styles, that sort of thing. But even without those options, the app still does a good job of presenting you with important information the second you're awake. Plus, you can make it call you "dude."