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'MAD' magazine coming to the iPad on April Fool's Day

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Long-running comedy magazine MAD is finally going digital with a new iPad app.

MAD magazine iPad
MAD magazine iPad

More and more people are reading magazines digitally, and MAD is looking to get in on the action with a new dedicated iPad app. Appropriately, the app will launch this Sunday, which just so happens to be April Fool's Day. It's free to download and you'll be able to purchase new issues for $4.99, while back issues will cost $1.99. There's also a digital subscription option, which lets you pay either $1.99 per issue of an upfront annual fee of $9.99 — but print subscribers will get the digital copies for free. MAD says that going forward new issues will hit the app on the same day as the news stand, and some will even be enhanced with "interactive" elements, including the magazine's long running "fold-in" section. While you'll have to wait until the weekend to check out the digital mag, it should at least make a good companion to the upcoming iOS Spy Vs. Spy game.