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Apple is the highest rated consumer brand in Japan, says Nikkei

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A new survey of Japanese consumers puts Apple as the highest rated brand in the country.

siri japan
siri japan

Apple is already the top mobile phone vendor in Japan, and now it's also the highest rated consumer brand in the country. According to a brand evaluation survey from Nikkei BP Consulting, the iPad maker was the highest rated out of over 1,000 different brands — up from 11th place during the year prior. 52,000 adults were questioned as part of the survey, which took place during November and December of last year. But it's not just regular consumers that like Apple — in a separate survey of Japanese business people, Apple took second place behind Toyota in the brand rankings. Given Apple's global success this news may not seem all that surprising, but it's particularly impressive in a market where other notable American brands like the Xbox have largely failed.