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'One Sense' headphones block out the world, use spikes to ward off interruptions

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Joe Doucet's "One Sense" headphones are a design project that aims to block out the world around you. Aside from covering your ears, the headphones have a bright red band of spikes that cover your eyes to block out the visual world and ward off passersby.

onesense headphones
onesense headphones

Sometimes it seems like the only way to escape the bombardment of information from the digital and physical world is to flee into the countryside, far from the reach of broadband lines or cell signals. Apparently designer Joe Doucet isn't satisfied with the idea of holing up in the mountains to get away from it all, and has come up with an artistic solution. The "One Sense" headphones not only cover the wearer's ears, but a bright red band of spikes wraps around their face to shut out the visual world and discourage outside interruptions. Sure, they probably aren't very practical, but the point is to make a statement about the ever-increasing distractions from technology, advertising, and the modern world in general. "One Sense symbolises the human need for periods of peace and tranquility," says Doucet on the headphones' design. They might block out the world to the user, but they don't look like they provide much peace or tranquility to onlookers.

We don't expect you'll be able to buy your own pair of One Sense headphones anytime soon, but if you'd like to check them out in person, they'll be on display at the Meet My Project design show in Milan at the end of April, and in New York City during Design Week in May.