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Facebook Timeline features now coming to all brand Pages

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Facebook has confirmed that it is now migrating all brand Pages to Timeline; personal pages will not yet be migrated.

facebook timeline for brands coldplay
facebook timeline for brands coldplay

Still haven't updated your Facebook business or organization page to include Timeline? About a month after giving Pages users the option to switch to Timeline format, Facebook has officially started migrating all remaining Pages as of 11am PT (2pm ET) yesterday. ZDNet got in touch with Facebook, which confirmed that updates would be "rolling out throughout the day... Don’t have a timeframe to share on when everyone will have it."

Many major organizations and public figures have already started using Timeline, including the White House. For the much larger number of users with personal profiles, it's not clear when the final migration will take place. Months ago, Facebook said it would be putting everyone on Timeline within "the next few weeks," but it hasn't followed through so far. For more information about what you'll get from Timeline and how to use it, check out our handy guide.