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Twitter for Android updated, fixes keyboard wonkiness

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Update 3.1.1 to Twitter for Android fixes the maddening problem that made composing tweets a pain in the app. The delay between typing has now been rectified, and there are a handful of other bug fixes, too.

Twitter Android keyboard
Twitter Android keyboard

Android 4.0 users who opt to use Twitter's official client on their phones had a lot to be happy about last week when the app was updated to support hardware acceleration, vastly improving the scrolling experience. Now there's more good news, however, as the new update 3.1.1 makes performance on the latest and greatest version of Android even better. According to the changelog the update fixes bugs related to push notifications and search, but the one we're excited about is that the new version "improves performance on the tweet composer." After playing with the app, we're glad to say that the maddening delay when typing has been fixed, making backing back and forth tweets with @horse_ebooks a joy once again.