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PSA: Sony reschedules PSN maintenance for Sunday beginning at 3PM ET

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Sony has announced that the PlayStation Network will undergo maintenance this Sunday after the company postponed its original plans last week.

PSN logo padded
PSN logo padded

We hope you weren't planning on a Sunday filled with multiplayer action, PlayStation gamers. The extended PSN maintenance session that was originally slated for Thursday only to be postponed in the eleventh hour will now be taking place tomorrow. Sony will be shutting off its online service starting at 3 PM ET and says it aims to have things up and running again around 5 AM ET Monday morning. During the stretch of downtime, gamers will be without access to online multiplayer, the PlayStation Store, PlayStation Home, and account management. The post at PlayStation Blog again warns that PSN-enabled websites will be "unable to service users" for the length of the maintenance and advises those seeking updates to visit PlayStation's Twitter page.

It's unfortunate that Sony has opted to cut out precious weekend gaming hours with the rescheduled date, particularly when the PS Vita isn't even two weeks out of the gate in the US. Still, these are the sacrifices we're used to with the company's free-to-play network.