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Chevy Volt production to be stopped for five weeks due to poor sales

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GM will suspend production of the Chevy Volt for five weeks starting March 19th, after slow sales left the company with a surplus of stock.

Chevy Volt
Chevy Volt

Sales of electric vehicles have thus far proven disappointing, and the Chevy Volt is no exception. GM has announced that it'll suspend production of the hybrid car for five weeks starting March 19th in order to allow a surplus of inventory to be depleted. Over 1,300 people will be out of work throughout the halt in manufacturing, which also affects the European equivalent model, the Opel Ampera. The company currently has 3,596 cars in stock, around half of the 7,700 units it sold for the whole of last year. It's not all bad news, though — after moving only 603 units in January, possibly due to a lack of consumer confidence in the midst of reported battery issues, GM managed to sell 1,023 Volts last month. With the battery controversy seemingly navigated, the company will be praying for mooted tax credit bumps or improvements to charging technology to come along soon.