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Samsung denies April launch for Galaxy S III, will tell us on Twitter when the time is right

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Samsung has denied reports of an April reveal for its Galaxy S III handset and says it will announce the release via Twitter when ready.

Samsung logo, ces (1020)
Samsung logo, ces (1020)

We recently heard from ZDNet Korea that Samsung's much sought-after Galaxy S III was on track for an April launch, but the company itself has taken to Twitter to refute these claims. Samsung denies that an April release has been set in stone for the flagship handset and states that a solid date will be announced on Twitter when everything has been finalized. Of course, it wouldn't exactly be unheard of for details of a Samsung product to leak ahead of its official announcement, but it sounds like the company wants us all to hang on for the final word anyway.

Update: Samsung has also provided us with the following statement:

The successor to the GALAXY S II smartphone will be unveiled in the first half of the year, closer to commercial availability of the product. We cannot confirm the detailed information at the moment.