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Mercedes creates an 'invisible' F-Cell car

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Mercedes has created an invisible F-Cell car to show off its latest zero emissions vehicle.

Mercedes F-Cell car
Mercedes F-Cell car

Mercedes has taken a rather unique approach to the marketing of its latest F-Cell vehicle, making it invisible to the general public. The new fuel cell car produces zero emissions, meaning it's invisible to the environment, and Mercedes emphasized this by placing hundreds of individual LEDs across one side of the vehicle while mounting a Canon 5D Mark II camera on the opposite side. The result might look like the latest high tech cloaking technology, but it simply creates a realtime camouflage effect wherever the F-Cell is located based on video footage.

Judging by the reaction from the crowds in the video, Mercedes' week long marketing trick went down a treat. However, if you're looking to get your hands on a hydrogen-powered car, be prepared to wait a few years yet. The cars only emit water vapour after burning hyroden fuel, but most manufacturers are still testing the technology and don't expect to mass produce F-Cell vehicles until 2015. If you also want a military-style cloaked vehicle then we have a feeling you'll also be waiting a while for one of those too.