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Did Verizon cancel a Nokia 'Om' Windows Phone?

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Verizon may have cancelled a Nokia Windows Phone codenamed "Om," opting to wait for LTE support in Windows Phone 8.

Verizon payphone (1020)
Verizon payphone (1020)

Verizon was originally planning to stock a Nokia Windows Phone 7.5 device in the January timeframe, according to at least one source familiar with the company's plans. The Nokia device, codenamed Om, was canned by the US carrier following concerns over Windows Phone's lack of Verizon LTE support. Although it's not clear whether there were additional issues, Nokia's Lumia 900 launch with AT&T's own LTE network may have contributed to Verizon's decision. Microsoft's retail stores were poised to stock the device in January and early February, but Verizon appears to have placed its Windows Phone plans on hold until later this year.

Verizon is now expected to stock at least one Windows Phone 8 device, thought to be a future Nokia handset, once the operating system update is available later this year. Verizon currently offers the HTC Trophy, the first and only Windows Phone available on its network. We are hearing that no Windows Phone devices will be made available with Verizon LTE support until Windows Phone 8 "Apollo" is ready later this year. While Verizon could release an interim Windows Phone 7.5 device, it is thought the carrier will join Sprint in the wait for Windows Phone 8.