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MyFord Touch software update being mailed to US users this week

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A software update is being mailed out to MyFord Touch users this week, which packs new features and fixes onto a USB drive.

MyFord Touch upgrade package
MyFord Touch upgrade package

We're now at the point where even cars need software updates, and users of the MyTouch Ford service should expect to see one very soon. Announced late last year, the free update — which includes new maps, better voice recognition, a simplified interface, and a more responsive touch screen — comes in the form of a USB flash drive that's being mailed to current users in the US this week. The changes were made based on consumer feedback, and the new software will also be included in all 2013 MyFord Touch-enabled vehicles. The service is also being used quite regularly, according to Ford, with 62 percent of people using hands-free calling daily and 50 percent using wireless audio streaming — of course, when you spend a few hundred dollars on an upgrade, chances are you're going to want to use it.