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Google mobile homepage now shows recent searches from your computer

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There's a new "recent" icon on the Google search homepage on both Android and iPhone that shows you your recent venue searches that you made on your computer. To use the feature you need to have Web History enabled, and you need to be signed into the same Google account on both your phone and your computer.

Google Mobile Search iPhone recent
Google Mobile Search iPhone recent

Google has added a bunch of features like places and flight information to its iOS and Android search homepage over the past months, and today there's a new one: recent search results. While it sounds just like a boring old web history, it's actually more than that — if you search for a restaurant or other venue on your computer when signed into your account, you'll see a "recent" tab on the Google homepage on your phone that will show you that last search. The idea is that you can check your phone if you forget the restaurant you were planning to go to after you leave the house — even if you didn't write down the name, phone number, or address.

We tried it out on an iPhone and it worked like a charm. So long as you've got Google Web History enabled and you're signed into the same Google account on both your phone's and computer's browser, the recent icon will pop up with handy links to either call or get directions to the venue. While some people weren't crazy about Google's recent privacy changes, this sounds exactly like the sort of feature that would necessitate a cross-service policy.