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Apple releases 'supplemental update' to Lion to fix Time Machine restore issues

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Apple just released a 'supplemental update' to OS X Lion version 10.7.3 that supposedly fixes reported Time Machine restore errors.

Mac OS X supplemental update
Mac OS X supplemental update

Apple's most recent update to Mac OS X Lion has been rather troublesome for users. Shortly after the 10.7.3 update rolled out, users started reporting widespread and severe app crashing, causing Apple to pull the update for a bit and roll out a modified download. Even that update appears to have had some issues — there were apparently problems for some users trying to restore from a Time Machine backup. This has caused Apple to release a strangely-named 'supplemental update' for OS X version 10.7.3, which just rolled out today. Fortunately, this update is a tiny 38KB download, but it remains to be seen yet whether this will fix the issues (or cause new ones). For the brave among you, you can get this update through software update now.