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Posting a Photo - Using imgur


This is a short 'How To'. It seemed necessary because of the issues with linking to photos from flickr, 500px, and elsewhere that some users were having. This is just a simpler way (or so I think).

STEP 1: Go to

A lovely little photo sharing site that many of us know and love. You can just drag and drop a photo onto the front page and click upload, but it is easier if you create a profile so that you have better photo management.


STEP 2: Choose which photo to upload, either by browsing for it or dragging and dropping

imgur is really very simple and straight forward to use. I tend to just drag and drop.


STEP 3: Click 'Start Upload'

It's that simple.

Uploading screen:


Once uploaded:


STEP 4: Click on the image

Now this is the important step. Once you've uploaded the image, you must click on the image. It will open a page with just your image and a URL that begins with ''.


That link you will then copy and paste into whatever thread you need to, like so:

In the comment box, click the 'Image' icon:


A little pop up box will appear, asking you to enter a URL. This is where you paste your link:


STEP 5: Preview your comment

You always want to check and make sure it worked.

And there you have it! Hope this helps!