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Adobe Lightroom 4 available now for $149, brings photo book creation and updated tools

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Adobe released the latest version of its photo management and editing solution, Lightroom 4 today. The software costs $149 for a new license, and brings photo book creation, geolocation support, and new editing tools to Lightroom.

Adobe Lightroom 4 BETA
Adobe Lightroom 4 BETA

The latest version of Adobe's photo-management and editing tool, Lightroom 4, was released in beta in early January, but today the software loses that status and officially replaces Lightroom 3. Current owners can upgrade for $79 — new licenses will run you $149 — and you'll also be able to use the app with a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud when the service launches later in the year.

Lightroom 4 has all new highlights and shadow editing controls that replace fill light and recovery options of past software versions. Much like iPhoto, users can now create photo books from directly within the app and purchase them with a single click. There are also built-in hooks for publishing to Facebook and Flickr, along with a new map module for improved geolocation support. For a full rundown of the new features and functionality, check out our earlier hands-on with the beta from January.