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Disney Channel TV shows appear on YouTube

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Disney has uploaded 67 videos to the Disney Shows YouTube channel, in the first fruits of its deal with Google.

youtube disney shows
youtube disney shows

Almost 70 videos from a selection of Disney Channel TV shows have quietly popped up on a YouTube page from the company, in what is likely the first fruit of the deal struck with Google last November. The Disney Shows page (or "disneysshows" in the page title and an alternative URL, oddly) has 67 videos uploaded at the moment, most of which are full-length episodes of shows such as The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and The Emperor's New School. There's still no sign of the original content that Disney is producing for YouTube, however, which is set to start with a webseries based on the popular mobile game Where's My Water? and was initially pegged for "early 2012." The deal with YouTube is intended to help Disney build a presence in online video ahead of its revamp of later in the year.