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Zynga moves away from Facebook with dedicated games portal

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Zynga has launched its own games portal, allowing people to play titles such as CityVille without visiting Facebook.

zynga dot com
zynga dot com

Zynga didn't waste too much time launching its own games portal after last week's is now live and open for freemium business. This marks the first time you'll be able to play many of the company's games outside of Facebook, though you will still need to log in with your Facebook ID to play. The service is currently designated as beta, and as such the selection of games is a little limited, with CityVille, Words With Friends, Hidden Chronicles, CastleVille, and Zynga Poker the only titles on offer for now. The portal could have serious implications for both Facebook and Zynga — while Facebook gets 12 percent of its revenue from Zynga, the games company is currently dependent on the social network for "substantially all" of its income.