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Our liveblog of Apple's iPad 3 event starts at 10AM PST, March 7th

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Apple is set to introduce its new tablet, and we'll be there

You're interested in the new iPad, right? Of course you are. Why else would you be reading this? Well guess what? The Verge is going to be covering the unveiling of the next version of Apple's hit slate Wednesday, March 7th, 2012, starting at 10:00AM PST. And you're invited.

We'll have up-to-the-minute news, photos, and more from the event in San Francisco, so you can feel like you're actually there even though you're not. Or are you? No, you're not.

All you have to do is tune your browsers into our liveblog (located right here), and let our auto-updating magic whisk you away to a fantastic world where your dreams become reality. Just check back into that link at the times listed below, and prepare to meet a new friend. In the meantime, you can catch up on all the rumors in our big iPad 3 rumor roundup StoryStream.

The event starts at this time in your area:

08:00AM - Hawaii
10:00AM - Pacific
11:00AM - Mountain
12:00PM - Central
01:00PM - Eastern
06:00PM - London
07:00PM - Paris
09:00PM - Moscow
03:00AM - Tokyo (March 8th)

Read the liveblog here!