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Two-tone Sky Blue/Marine Blue PSP-3000 coming to Japan next month

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Sony has announced a new PSP-3000 color, in the shape of its Marine Blue model that will ship as a Value Pack bundle for ¥17,800 on April 26th.

marine blue psp
marine blue psp

All attention of late has been on the PlayStation Vita, sure, but don't think for a second that Sony's given up on its predecessor — at least, not in Japan. The PSP still enjoys extraordinary popularity in its homeland, largely due to the Monster Hunter series, and even outsold the PS Vita for a while. As such the launch of a new color variant shouldn't surprise Japanese gamers as much as it would in the US, and sure enough Sony is continuing to support the handheld by releasing a two-tone Sky Blue/Marine Blue PSP-3000 model on April 26th. The new unit comes as part of a ¥17,800 (about $219) Value Pack, which includes a 2GB Memory Stick Pro Duo, a pouch, and a cloth. For comparison, the PSP currently sells for $129.99 in the US, though that's in Core Pack form which excludes the accessories. Still, the difference between the system's fortunes in the two countries couldn't be more apparent — Sony will certainly be hoping for more of a global success with the PS Vita.