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Verizon HomeFusion residential 4G LTE to launch this month

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Verizon announced HomeFusion, a version of its LTE service designed for homes that can't get broadband access otherwise. Prices start at $60 a month for 10GB of data, plus a $200 antenna router.


It took a little longer than we were promised, but Verizon has finally unveiled details of its 4G LTE service designed for residential use. HomeFusion will launch later this month, and is aimed at users in remote areas that can't get DSL or cable through traditional means. It'll cost you quite a bit more than a standard broadband package, with pricing starting at $60 a month for 10GB of data — and that's before you factor in $200 for the dedicated "cantenna" router, pictured above. The cantenna must be mounted on an outside wall, though beyond the cost of the device itself installation is free. HomeFusion will initially be available in Nashville, Tennessee and Birmingham, Alabama, but Verizon plans to roll it out to everywhere with LTE coverage by the end of the year. At the time of writing that'll open it up to at least 200 million Americans, with 4G coverage expected to catch up to 3G in late 2013.