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AT&T's YouTube archive: Henson, Shatner, and Mr. Digit

AT&T's YouTube archive: Henson, Shatner, and Mr. Digit


AT&T's Tech Channel gives a glimpse inside the company's video archives to users around the world.

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The regular readers among you might remember Computer H14, a Jim Henson creation for AT&T that appeared as part of the AT&T Tech Channel on YouTube. The channel is the online home of the AT&T archives, showing off the research and promotional work done by the company over the years, from research into "Light Wave" fiber optics to WIlliam Shatner explaining microchips. For tech historians, it's a gold mine — some of AT&T and Bell Labs' work is instrumental in the communications we take for granted today, and the channel gives a chance to see some of these hugely significant inventions as they take shape.

We've included some of our favorites below, and the channel releases a new video every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

William Shatner's Microworld

Light Wave Fiber Optic Video Disc

The UNIX Operating System

Mr Digit and the Battle of Bubbling Brook

...and another appearance by Computer H14.