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Third Nokia Lumia 800 firmware update reportedly improves battery life

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Nokia is rolling out a third battery-related update to its Lumia 800 device, providing significant battery life improvements.

Gallery Photo: White Lumia 800 hands-on photos
Gallery Photo: White Lumia 800 hands-on photos

Nokia has started to rollout its latest Lumia 800 firmware update. Version 1600.2487.8107.12070 allegedly brings a number of fixes to Nokia's flagship Windows Phone, including improvements to idle battery discharge and screen brightness controls. WPCentral says the latest firmware update, rolling out to users in Singapore via the Zune desktop client, "tripled" the battery life of its Lumia 800.

Nokia has also reportedly addressed an issue with the lack of audio bass through headsets, improved the auto-white balance of the camera, and changed the illumination of the capacitive hardware buttons. Nokia's last major firmware release (1600.2483.8106.11500) addressed some battery issues with the Lumia 800, but the company seemed confident it had resolved most battery-related problems.

XDA-Developers users have also spotted that Nokia appears to be testing some new camera modes with its latest firmware. References to Smart group shot, Action shot, Panorama, and Self timer can all be found in the firmware, but the features are not currently available within the camera application. We haven't managed to test the latest firmware ourselves but we'll be back with an update once Nokia announces it's available more broadly.