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Fujitsu Lifebook UH572 ultrabook hands-on (video)

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A hands-on look at Fujitsu's first ultrabook, the Lifebook UH572

Gallery Photo: Fujitsu Lifebook UH572 ultrabook hands-on photos
Gallery Photo: Fujitsu Lifebook UH572 ultrabook hands-on photos

Intel is pushing ultrabooks hard at CeBIT this year, and Fujitsu is one of the companies showing off the diminutive laptops for the first time. The Fujitsu Lifebook UH572 is set for release this summer, and will come with a choice of low-voltage Ivy Bridge processors from Core i3 up to Core i7. The model we tested had 4GB of RAM installed, but Fujitsu wouldn't let us know what the standard amount is likely to be. It's quite a handsome machine and stands out against the hoards of black-on-silver ultrabooks out there.

The Lifebook UH572 has the standard ultrabook array of ports decorating both of its sides, bolstered by the addition of a GSM SIM slot for 3G connectivity. Unfortunately, the whole package was let down by questionable build quality. The hinge caused the screen to wobble for a few seconds every time the laptop moved and the trackpad was glitchy, with right clicks proving particularly problematic. Fujitsu told us that the European price will be €699 when the Lifebook is released in July, but wasn't able to give us any details on a US release other than "it's coming."

Vlad Savov contributed to this report.