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Qualcomm's Gamecommand launches four exclusive titles for Snapdragon devices

Qualcomm just announced four new titles for its Gamecommand Android game aggregation app, including one developed by Sega.

Qualcomm GameCommand
Qualcomm GameCommand

Qualcomm launched Gamecommand for Android back in January, but we haven't heard much about the Snapdragon focused game aggregation app since then. According to the Android Market, the app has been installed between 5,000 and 10,000 times — not exactly blockbuster numbers, but Qualcomm's launching four titles it likely hopes will help Gamecommand gain some traction. The most notable among these games is probably Virtua Tennis Challenge, not so much for the game itself but because it's a Sega game. While Qualcomm didn't mention any future titles from Sega, support from one of the industry's bigger game publishers would certainly help Gamecommand get some attention. Qualcomm notes that this game is specifically optimized for the Xperia Play, but we should see it available for other devices as well.

There's also a pair of games, The Ball and The Reem, that will be Qualcomm-exclusive titles for six months and one year, respectively. The Ball is already well-known as a PC game running on the Unreal Engine 3, but this will mark its first port to a mobile device; The Ream is another mixed-martial arts game that doesn't sound that dissimilar to Fight Game Heros, one of Gamecommand's launch apps. Rounding out the new titles is a game developed by Qualcomm's in-house studio called Reign of Amira that sounds like it will stay exclusive to Qualcomm devices. While we can't say that any of these titles on their own sound particularly noteworthy, more interest from Sega might help Gamecommand stand out.