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Basecamp gets a UI redesign, plenty of new features

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Project management service Basecamp has received an overhaul, with a brand new UI and plenty of new features.

New Basecamp
New Basecamp

While the 37signals team has been dropping hints about a Basecamp overhaul for a while now, the company finally debuted the redesign today with a number of new features and a new look. Existing users of the web-based, project management service will notice immediately that the UI has been completely changed with a more modern, streamlined look that seems to take some visual cues from sites like Pinterest and Tumblr.. A bevy of new features have also been added to the service, including drag-and-drop file sharing, the ability to view project history by day, a Google Documents-style auto-save, and a new "Me" section that takes all of the information related to your personally and puts it in one spot.

The change also means that Basecamp now exists as two separate products, with the previous version of the service now called "Basecamp Classic." Current users can transfer existing projects to the new version to try it out, but the two don't share data, so you won't be able to move projects back to Classic. Basecamp is currently offering a 90-day free trial period for people to test out the changes, but after that you'll need to make a choice — as the redesigned Basecamp and Basecamp Classic have separate price tags.