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Amazon Appstore updated, adds new notification settings

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A new update for the Amazon Android appstore lets you toggle notification settings for app downloads, installations, and updates.

Kindle Fire Amazon Appstore
Kindle Fire Amazon Appstore

Amazon has issued an update today for its Appstore for Android, bringing the app to version 2.2.0. It's not quite the overhaul that was issued just before the launch of the Kindle Fire, but the update does make some notable changes to the way notifications work. You can now decide whether or not you want to be notified about app downloads, installations, and updates, and you can also tweak the settings for status bar notifications. And in addition to the regular stability improvements and bug fixes, version 2.2.0 also includes upgrades for both messaging for payment options and app compatibility checks — which should make it easier to figure out if an app will actually work on your device before you download it.