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Exfm 2.0 for iOS and Android adds more genres and browsing options

Music discovery and sharing tool Exfm has released Version 2.0 of its Android and iOS app, adding Trending and Explore options, more genres, and other features from the web version.


Music discovery and sharing tool Exfm has just released an update for its iOS and Android apps. The update adds many of the same features you'll find in the web version: the full Exfm song database, more genres and song categories, and Trending and Explore pages. It's also added more sharing features and a redesigned interface that looks pretty good on the iPhone, where we tried it.

This latest update marks another stage in Exfm's evolution from a Chrome extension to a cross-platform service in its own right. Exfm, formerly named ExtensionFM, aggregates music from the web, letting users store songs they've found online or browse a library of content. It also acts as a player for music files on phones or tablets. The new app still doesn't look like it collects the music you stream on devices, but given that mobile web streaming isn't all that common, the focus on sharing and browsing seems right.