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Microsoft creates fully interactive wearable multitouch projector

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Microsoft demonstrates a wearable multitouch projector that lets users interface with a graphical interface on a variety of surfaces.

Wearable projector
Wearable projector

Microsoft is demonstrating some of its latest research work this week during the company's internal TechFest event. We've seen Illmuishare, Holoflector, and a transparent 3D desktop recently, but the software giant unveiled a wearable multitouch projector today. The projector, which sits on a users shoulder, allows wearers to use their hands, arms, or the wall as a fully interactive surface.

Microsoft's demo video (see below) shows off how the technology can broadcast a graphical user interface similar to the existing Windows Phone design. Interactions like touch, pinch-to-zoom, and scrolling are all detected by the technology, powered by a depth-sensing camera and pico projector. Although the work is clearly at the concept phase right now, Microsoft hopes the hardware can be miniaturised in future, providing almost unlimited possibilities for touch interfaces on a variety of surfaces.