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Fujitsu Premium Ultrabook prototype pictures, video and hands-on

Fujitsu Premium Ultrabook prototype pictures, video and hands-on


At CeBIT 2012, Fujitsu unveils a premium-tier ultrabook prototype that should be on sale at some point during the summer

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Fujitsu's not content with just one ultrabook for this summer, it'll bring a 14-inch premium-tier laptop into the category as well. The prototype it's showing off at CeBIT isn't a functional unit, but it is physically identical to the final product that should be with us in July. That includes the 1.5kg weight, which is well distributed across the magnesium frame. A matte red paintjob covers the metal casing on the top and bottom of the laptop with a delightfully soft, fingerprint-proof finish. Also matte is the 14-inch display, which has an edge-to-edge front and amazingly deep black levels (owing to this being a dummy unit with no display actually inside it).

Though it's yet to receive an official product name, the Premium Ultrabook will ship with either 3G or 4G LTE connectivity along with the usual Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. USB 3.0 and HDMI ports make up your frugal set of options for physical connectivity and an Ethernet dongle will be provided. Fujitsu's already planning a dock that will greatly expand the number and types of peripherals you can jack into its ultrabook. A fingerprint reader is embedded in the lower right corner of the palm rest and the laptop will come with a Trusted Platform Module built in as well.

When asked about why a business-oriented laptop from a business-centric brand is being shown off in red, Fujitsu said that "the trend is going more and more toward consumerization" — people are looking to avoid having separate computers for home and work, and the way Fujitsu is catering to that audience is by making an office PC with a bit of flair. The Premium Ultrabook should be out some time around July, most likely with an Intel Ivy Bridge CPU, at prices that are described as "competitive."