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Ice Cream Sandwich shows slight growth, now on 1.6 percent of Android devices

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Ice Cream Sandwich's slow growth continues, as the OS makes up just 1.6 percent of all Android devices.

galaxy nexus ics
galaxy nexus ics

Manufacturers have been slow to adopt Ice Cream Sandwich, and new data shows that this doesn't seem to be changing. Based on numbers gathered over a two week period ending on March 5th, ICS's piece of the Android marketshare grew just 0.6 percent, with Android 4.0 accounting for 1.6 percent of all Android devices. While not a huge number, it's still bigger than the 0.4 percent jump from January to February. Meanwhile, Gingerbread still dominates as it continues to appear on new devices like the Xperia S. It reached 62 percent marketshare over the same period, followed by a distant Froyo at 25.3 percent and Eclair at 6.6 percent. The numbers shouldn't be too surprising, as new versions of Android are typically slow to roll out, but that doesn't make them any less disappointing. Of course, there are plenty of devices coming that will run ICS, we just don't know when we'll actually see them.