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Omni's Sync Server sheds beta tag, uses cloud to sync data across devices

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The developer behind task management app OmniFocus has taken its Sync Server out of beta, letting users sync data across different devices.

Omni Group
Omni Group

OmniFocus developer Omni Group has announced that its Sync Server is now out of beta. The server lets users sync apps across both Mac and iOS, as well as move data back and forth between apps on different devices using the cloud. It's actually been in place since April of 2010 — when it was used exclusively for the task management app OmniFocus — but with the beta tag gone, Omni is now including the feature on its other apps including OmniPlan, OmniOutliner, OmniGraffle, and OmniGraphSketcher. And while the service remains free (you'll need to sign up here to use it), Omni says that it may add for-pay features in the future, though they'll be optional. In addition to its own server, Omni also says in its support section that it is "in the process" of adding iCloud support to all of its document-based apps — this likely doesn't include OmniFocus though, which would require a "significant engineering effort" to support Apple's cloud offering.