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TestFlight Live adds analytics to iOS app testing service

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TestFlight, a popular beta testing tool for iOS apps, has added a new service that allows users to gather analytics using the same code used for testing. The tool, called TestFlight Live, was developed after the company's acquisition by Burstly.

TestFlight Live
TestFlight Live

Beta testing tool TestFlight is already used by over 70,000 iOS app developers, and now people can deploy the same code used for testing to gather data on their apps. A new service — called TestFlight Live — provides detailed analytics for mobile apps, including crash reports, in-app purchase rates, and how long visitors stay in an app. Both TestFlight and Live use the same SDK, and the same code that's used for TestFlight will enable Live.

Although TestFlight says it has wanted to expand its scope for some time, this project was a result of its acquisition by Burstly, a company that helps monetize iOS apps. The two companies will apparently keep their products separate, with TestFlight and Live remaining free for users. Optional paid features will be added as the company expands, and some paid Burstly elements look like they might be incorporated as well. App analytics are already available from other sources, but this is one of the most comprehensive and centralized tools we've seen, and the popularity of TestFlight should help it get off the ground.