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Good Deal: 25 big name Android apps for just $0.49

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To celebrate the launch of its newly-rebranded Google Play app market, the company is offering 25 big-name apps for $0.49 each.

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Google's marking the launch of its newly-rebranded Google Play app market with 25 of its favorite apps available for $0.49 each, or £0.49 for users in the UK. The range includes a number of the same apps that we saw in the 10 Billion Downloads offer, but we're sure that some of you will be glad to get another chance to grab them cheaply. Must-have apps on the list include music identification service Soundhound, popular keyboard SwiftKey X, and recipe guide Jamie's 20 Minute Meals. There are also some great games on there too, like puzzler World of Goo, sci-fi shooter Shadowgun, and frantic racer Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit.

Some of these apps would normally run you up to $7.99, so there are some big savings to be made. It's not clear how long Google's running the promotion for, so if there's something you've got your eye on you should move quickly.