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Samsung ES8000 LED smart TV now shipping from Amazon

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46-inch and 55-inch models of Samsung's ES8000 flagship LED smart TV are now shipping from Amazon at a discount from the original price.

Samsung ES8000 LED hands-on
Samsung ES8000 LED hands-on

One of Samsung's flagship smart TVs, the ES8000, has started shipping today. Amazon now lists two of the LED TV models as in stock, a shift from yesterday's shipping estimate of three to six weeks. The ES8000 will eventually be coming in 46-inch to 65-inch models, but for now it looks like you've got a choice of either a 46-inch television for $2,699.99 or a 55-inch one for $3,399.99. That's a discount of $300 and $350 off the list price — still a lot of money, but more in line with the rumored prices we saw earlier this year.

The ES8000 is one of many Samsung smart TVs we'll be seeing this year. Its plasma counterpart, the E8000, is expected later this month; several cheaper versions of the two will be released between March and June. All of the smart TVs will include AllShare Play, and high-end models like the ES8000 will also include facial recognition, voice and gesture control, and the new Smart Touch Control remote. You'll be paying a bit of a premium for experimental features, but you'll also get some of the best 3D performance we've seen. Potential early adopters can click through to the source links below, and everyone else can check out our overview of Samsung's 2012 TV lineup.