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    Blue Tiger pressure-sensitive iOS stylus will work over Bluetooth 4.0

    Blue Tiger pressure-sensitive iOS stylus will work over Bluetooth 4.0


    Ten One Design's new pressure-sensitive stylus, codenamed Blue Tiger, will be the first to work over low-power, pairing-free Bluetooth 4.0.

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    Ten One Design, best known for its Pogo stylus line, has unveiled the first pressure-sensitive pen that will work with the new iPad on Bluetooth 4.0. The pen — codenamed Blue Tiger — is a fully pressure-sensitive iOS stylus, letting you vary line weight and change opacity when drawing. Bluetooth 4.0 will let the pen work without pairing, and the new Bluetooth Low Energy profile means that the pen could run for "months or a year" on a single battery. It's also got a few other attractive features, like a light that displays the pen's current color and support for complete palm and finger rejection, which would let you rest your hand on the screen while drawing.

    The stylus is currently undergoing FCC approval, and the final design hasn't yet been released: the image above is an unfinished sample. With Apple apparently hoping to see a full complement of Bluetooth 4.0 devices for its new iPad 3 (or HD) and iPhone 4S, we may be seeing similar peripherals in the wake of the launch event today. For now, Ten One Design will be sending developers sample hardware for testing starting today, and more information on the stylus should be available soon.