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Posting a Photo - Using Flickr


This is a short 'How To' for posting photos from Flickr. I know some might not want to take the time to upload their photos to imgur (How To here) if the photos are already on Flickr. So here's how to post photos, from Flickr.

STEP 1: Choose the photo you want to use

Like so:


STEP 2: Below the photo on the right, click on the Share Photo button (arrow pointing to the right)

A menu will appear, giving you options.


Click on HTML Embed (To fit the Verge forum comments nicely, choose Medium)

STEP 3: Copy/Paste the HTML code into your Verge comment and Click Preview

This helps keep the comment section clean so we don't have a lot of broken photo links.


STEP 4: Just make sure to add your EXIF data. That can be found right under the photo.


And there you have it!

But I just want to use the direct photo link!

Well then! Instead of Steps 2 and 3, use these steps!

STEP 2: Below the photo, click on the far right option and then click View all sizes


STEP 3: On the next page, choose any of the Medium size photos (they fit best in the comments) and right click and choose Open image in new tab from the drop down menu.



STEP 4: Copy the direct link (ending in .jpg) from the URL and paste into the Photo link option in the comment box



STEP 5: Preview your post and make sure the photo looks good!