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Apple TV refresh announced with 1080p support: March 16th for $99

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Apple TV
Apple TV

Apple has just revealed an update to the Apple TV today complete with a new user interface, a refresh that's been widely rumored as stocks of the old model have all but vanished in recent weeks. The new model supports 1080p full HD video — previously, it had been limited to 720p — and it can also stream movie purchases from iCloud, a capability just announced today. Physically, the unit looks identical (it's still a tiny black box), and considering that the goal is usually to hide your AV equipment inconspicuously, that's probably for the best. Unlike the new iPad that was also announced today, the updated Apple TV will stick with an older A5 processor — but unlike the A5 found in the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S, this one will be single-core. Look for it to be available next Friday, March 16th, for $99.